50 years since Bond began, so some sort of homage is in order. Thankfully it’s everything that Die Another Day wasn’t.
The film reboots a few elements, but it’s done in a way that is totally acceptable. If this had happened straight after DAD we’d be confused and disappointed. The franchise needed Casino Royale  and Quantum of Solace to demonstrate what a bad ass Bond should be. Now, Bond feels very much like he’s part of MI6, there’s no ‘Bond’s gone rogue’ bollocks, he’s very much the government enforcer we know and love. A couple of moments felt a little Roger Moore (not excessively so) and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s damned entertaining.
It’s beautifully shot, one fight scene is filmed in silhouette and it looks like a performance dance piece. It’s dazzling and shows how good cinema can be without the fairground sideshow quality of 3D. The film has its exotic moments, but the UK gets a big look-in here too.
Javier Bardem is good as the bad guy, staying just the right side of jamon and there’s admirable support from Rafe Fiennes and Rory Kinnear. However, it’s Craig and Dench that steal the show and rightly so.
To say any more would spoil it, but if you’re a Bond fan, I think you’re going to get a little bit extra out of this than if you’re a casual. Plus the ending will leave you revved for more – I came out of Casino Royale wanting to see the next one right now and coming out of Skyfall I felt the same. With Craig signed on for two more, I really can’t wait.