RIP Harry Harrison. Your work will be, quite rightly remembered for The Stainless Steel Rat and Bill, the Galactic Hero my favourite piece of SF work from him is a story so high concept, it’s a wonder Hollywood haven’t caught up with it yet. A Rebel in Time tells the story of Colonel Wesley McCulloch, a US Army officer who’s discovered that the government have been researching a time travel experiment into the past. Bad news: McCulloch is a racist with dreams of resurrecting the South and turning the tide of the American Civil War. It’s up to young, black Army Internal Affairs recruit Troy Harmon to follow him back in time and stop him…

It’s a very simple story, but no less exciting because of that, with a fantastic set-piece conclusion at a turning point in the Civil War (I won’t spoil when!). Best of all of course are the moments that describe the hardships Harmon has to undergo in 1860s America, compared to his home of 1983.

Harrison will indeed be missed.