Happy New Year! Now that XMAS SPESH has finished (I’m pretty much done for tinsel for now) I thought it time to try and get my own blog moving again. 2011 was actually a good year from a creative standpoint. I wrote my first comic scripts and worked with an artist to turn it into sketches. I know this is only a small thing, but seeing your own work turned into something visual was a definite thrill for me.

I worked with a chap called KS Park and you can see the results of our collaboration (at its beginning stages) here. It’s a medieval fantasy story called The Fury and it would be good to find a letterer to work with too. Take a look at the rest of KSP’s work too. I’m always on the look out for collaborators such as artists, letterers, colourists – so if you think you can help or need help get in touch!

From a personal point of view I finally put to bed my old Doctor Who blog. Although it was primarily run as an arch and mocking take on Who, I was so disappointed with the last series, that I couldn’t even bring myself to take the piss out of it. Plus – and this still amazes me – the grief you get when you don’t post from people who want something for nothing is astounding. I was one guy, with a day job, getting daily abusive emails asking me why I hadn’t written up ‘The God Complex’ as a comedy review. So I killed it and it’s good to not have it to worry about any more. I guess those who know can always come here, more thoughts on Who.*

So onwards and upwards to 2012 – there’s the Olympics and the End of the World to come, so it should be quite exciting. I’m going to aim for at least one post a week here, so let’s see how it goes.


*I enjoyed the Christmas Special though as it happens.